How to Get B2B Leads Using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

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how to get B2B leads on LinkedIn
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Sponsored Updates Are An Inexpensive Way to Generate Qualified B2B Leads

Manufacturers looking for measurable results have a lot to gain by leveraging LinkedIn. According to a study by Oktopost, a social media marketing platform, 80% of B2B leads on social media platforms are from Linkedin. On average, 46% percent of social media traffic coming to B2B company sites is from LinkedIn.

Once they’ve connected with you,  LinkedIn users are 8x more engaged with your brand, 3x more likely to buy your product and 2x more likely to recommend it.

What is a Sponsored Update?

A Sponsored Update promotes your content to prospects on their LinkedIn news feeds. Sponsored Updates use LinkedIn’s data mining tool.

A Sponsored Update allows you to target your audience by job title or role, company size, industry, geography and other variables.

A Sponsored Update can launch a new product or service, discuss the merits of an existing one, report company news or publish original research. It can link to an offer, a whitepaper, or landing page.

The goal of a Sponsored Update is to collect contact information from qualified leads. To catch their attention, the update must offer valuable content, such as a report or product demonstration video.

A Client Success Story: Newbies With a Tiny Budget

One of our clients, a medical device manufacturer, wanted to promote a new product. They were new to LinkedIn. They were building an audience on their Company page by posting updates 4-5 times per week. Also, they had never done any branding or PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising.  So they wanted to start with a small test budget of $500.

We promoted the product in a post to 150,000 product engineers and other medical device professionals. We did this using LinkedIn’s data mining tool. LinkedIn allows you to target prospects by job role, job title, company size and many other attributes.

The post appeared in the news feeds of prospects for a week. The result? Eight qualified leads in one week on a budget of only $500. 

9 out of 10 companies lower their cost per lead using LinkedIn marketing and advertising solutions.

Here are the elements of a successful “Promoted Post”:

  • Research your B2B prospects: Know your target market for the post. Who are your ideal prospects?  What are their interests, problems, and goals? The more you can put yourself in your prospects’ shoes, the more of them you will reach.
  • Keywords. How is your prospect looking for information? These words or phrases must appear in the header and body of the post so that it is easily searchable on Google, Safari, Bing or any other search engine.
  • Use a good photograph, your ad will be read 3x more if you include a photo and 6x more if you post a video
  • Prepare to test your ad in various formats. But always keep the needs of your audience in mind.

One of the advantages of using a digital platform such as LinkedIn is that you can test several versions of your post without the expenses associated with print.This is called A/B testing. It will allow you to learn what approaches work best and to quickly adjust your campaign.