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LinkedIn Replicon white paper case study
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By using Sponsored InMails and Sponsored Content, Replicon’s cost per lead was 73 percent lower than on other social channels. Compared to buying keywords, the quality of leads is much higher. Almost every single lead that came in was from people we knew we wanted to talk to, like heads of HR,VPs of legal departments, and payroll managers.

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It’s not just the impressions, engagement rates and clicks but the bounce rates, page views, time spent on our website and forms completed,” says Didier. “When you look at these metrics you see just how efficient and effective LinkedIn is.

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Lincoln Electric

We had to not only focus on the people who’d be most interested in welding automation, we had to debunk myths about welding too. That meant bringing in new leads and educating them on the value of our products.” The company reached 167 percent of its goal for marketing qualified leads.

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