How To Get More Manufacturing Sales Leads on Your Website

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how to get manufacturing sales leads
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Why Increasing Sales Leads Is Directly Tied To How Many Visitors Come To Your Website

Many manufacturers do not know how many people visit their website each month. If this is true, your website is probably not getting leads.

Remember: The primary purpose of your website is to generate leads.

Increasing your website’s sales lead generation, let’s take a close look at some data from the Demand Generation Report. This report is based on a cross-industry survey of 900 management level marketers. 

Go here if you want to know how your prospects are using Google and mobile in their searches.

How Many Visitors Do You Have?

The number of visitors that your site receives every month strongly influences the number of sales leads you generate.

Why Visitor Data is Important

  • > 1,000:
    • Nearly 80% of companies not meeting their revenue goals attract less than 10,000 visitors to their website each month.
  • < 10,000:
    • 70% of those exceeding their revenue goals attract more than 10,000 website visitors per month.

Do you close visitors to your website?

In the table below you can see that:

Manufacturing‘s closing rate is considerably less than the majority of the industries mentioned.

Chart of manufacturing and sales leads, MQLs, sales Ops and Customers.

Chart of manufacturing and sales leads, MQLs, sales Ops and Customers.

 Companies exceeding their revenue goals report branding, website design and optimization, and social media as their top three marketing investments. 

Go here if you would like to know how to  design your manufacturing website to generate sales leads.

How much do I need to spend to generate sales leads on my website?

Do you know how many leads you generate from those website visitors? Do you know how many of those leads become customers?

If you don’t know that figure or how much traffic you get and how much you spend to generate that traffic, you cannot work out your Cost Per Lead.

  • Companies across all industries with between $250k and $1m in revenues averaged a cost per lead of $26-50, manufacturing generally also fell into this bracket. See graph below.
  • The State of Inbound 2014 showed that smaller companies with less than 25 employees, and those with over 1,000, did better than mid-sized businesses.

The study found that the Cost Per Lead for companies using an inbound strategy was far lower than those using an outbound strategy. 

manufacturing sales leads cost per lead

Cost per lead on websites for B2B

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