We started this company because we want to help manufacturers and their good jobs thrive. And this means marketing needs to explain it value in a clear way to an industry that doesn't have much experience with it.

Marketing is now needed to reach a new type of buyer. Buying habits have changed. Digital buyers are different. They want to be educated, not sold. B2B researchers and procurement officers are increasingly Millennials. The oldest of them turns 38 this year.

Two-thirds of these Millennials have some authority in the buying process. 94% of them will visit you online and research you with Google. Manufacturers must reach them where they are: on digital platforms such as LinkedIn, on the web, and on mobile.

Fortunately, digital solutions are available at a fraction of the cost of traditional lead generation. They provide highly targeted lead generation, sophisticated analytics and many other ways to maximize your ROI and lower your Cost Per Lead.