Melanie Joan Dunn

Melanie J. Dunn

Founder & CEO

She is a gifted marketing strategist who has worked with Huntington Ingalls, Volkswagen, Caterpillar, and Siemens. She also held sales and marketing roles for manufacturing startups in green and renewable energy. Melanie is a contributor to Forbes. She is certified in inbound marketing by Hubspot.

Cheryl A. Seraile

Brand Strategy

Cheryl is an accomplished brand marketer and business consultant – known for her strategic, innovative approach.
Her value-oriented perspective has been developed through a 20-year career on both the manufacturer and marketing services sides of the business. Cheryl’s line management and consulting expertise includes a diversity of brand management assignments with companies such as Procter & Gamble, Bayer, Pfizer, Seagram, Modem Media, J. Curtis & Company, among others.

Janine Flamer

Social Media

Janine is a loyal brand ambassador with senior level experience in marketing, PR, and communications Her “whatever it takes” attitude towards customer service coupled with her cost savings expertise and team building initiatives have earned her global recognition and employee service awards. She has adapted her 15+ years of experience to diverse industries, such as manufacturing, architecture, and construction.She is adept at social media. Her work for Poggenpohl generated 1,000,000 impressions.

Ash Habashi

Video Producer

Ash is the owner and founder of CORE Productions. Ash has dedicated his professional life to providing the highest level of service possible. His talent, experience and creativity run very deep and he absolutely LOVES what he does. 
His 20 years of experience in the videography field gives him that critical eye necessary for every project that crosses his desk. In the field, he has a singular focus and through honest collaboration always making sure that each client’s vision is clearly and visibly understood.
His clients include Lexis, Johnson & Johnson, Honeywell, and Comcast.